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1. What is the difference between mosaic on paper and mosaic on mesh? Is there a price difference? What do you recommend?
While the paper mounted stick on the smooth side then does not let the surface be seen, the mesh mounted is stick on the backside and can see the surface. That makes it’s easier for the worker to install. It should also be said that mesh costs more than paper because the raw material is more expensive. We recommend the mesh mounted for an easier installation while paper mounted is better for under water situation.

2. When laying the glass mosaic, what kind of materials is suitable? It’s better to use white adhesive which is specified for mosaic. If such adhesive is not available in the market, it’s advisable to have tile adhesive from local supplier who support the product is suitable for laying mosaic.

3. How to fill up the joint and what materials fill in the joints?
If you prefer white grout then just fill up the joints with the white adhesive used for laying. If colored grout is preferable, there is many colored grouts available on the market.

4. How to remove the residues of grout from the mosaic after the grouting go dry?
They can be easily removed a solution of water and attenuant hydrochloric acid.

5. Is the color of the goods will be received identical to the sample color?
The color tone is the same as the sample color, but slight variations going towards slightly lighter or darker tones are possible. But we will assure each container has the same color tone

6. Is glass mosaic slippery? Does it cut?
After installation, the glass mosaic surface is filled with grout which eliminates any risk of slipping. Also the edge of glass has covered with grout, therefore it does not cut.

7. When glass mosaics are exposed to sunlight, do they lose color or become yellow?
No, they generally resist the action of light because they are glass and the color is inside the whole body.

8. Can glass mosaic be used in swimming pools? And does it absorb water?
Yes, glass mosaic is recommended as a covering for swimming pools of any type, size or shape. And because its glass nature, it doesn’t absorb any water.

9. Can gold mosaic be put in swimming pools?
Yes, it can, but make sure to show the glass layer on the surface. If it is used on the floor, make sure to keep the mosaic and the grout on the same level.

10. What products should I use to clean a bath covered with mosaic?
It’s recommended to use neutral detergent to clean the mosaic.

11. Can mosaic used on column or curve surface?
Yes, mosaic can be used to cover columns or other curve surface.



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