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What is marble tile?

Marble is one kind of natural stone, it is generated by billions of years’ geology movement. It has its own special colors and grains, therefore, it is unique and non-renewable.

On the earth, there are many original countries of marble, in Asia, Europe, African, Oceania, North American and South American, it is possible when you decorate your home, the materials of marble come from different countries.

So what are the characters of marble mosaic& tile?

Luxurious, marble is the top end and expensive building materials, it can improve your decorate level to be super grade and stylish. So, it is comment that many 5 stars hotels are using marble tile to decorate their halls.

Environmentally Friendly, since the material is from our nature, not add any man made stuff, so it has much less radiation. According to authoritative account, it’s only 10% radiation compare with ceramic tile.

Unique. You can’t find two same leaves, also you can’t find two same marble products, they different colors or grain. So when we go in the homes decorated by marble tile& tile, we find it is nature and not stiff.



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