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Bathroom Shower Spas using stone mosaic

Today bathroom shower spas are becoming increasingly popular. Space, materials, cost, color, safety, and luxury options are just a few of the things that need to be considered before you buy. Does your bathroom have room for a separate shower and a tub? Standalone units are good choice when space is limited. They can be purchased prefabricated or can be custom built to your specifications. Bathroom shower doors can be added to provide a decorative touch.

Custom showers are often designed to fit in odd spaces. Below is a list of some of the available options:

Massaging Shower Heads – These can be hand held, built in or both. Special features such as pulsating sprays or gentle mists are relaxing and can help to relieve stress. You could also add multiple showerheads to provide a stand up whirlpool massage. If you are on a budget, try installing a custom showerhead in your existing shower.

Steam – You can turn your shower into a steam sauna. Steam has many health benefits and is relaxing and therapeutic.

Body sprays – Body jets can be located above the shoulders, along the back, or down the legs and can spay in unison or separately.

Sound systems – Radio, television, CD, and telephones can all be installed inside your shower.

Foot massagers – combines rollers and hydro jets that massage feet.

Aromatherapy – adds a special scent to sooth and relax you.

Chromotherapy lighting – Colors can alter mood and adding color can enhance your showering experience.



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