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Informations Of How To Cut Stone Mosaic Tiles

I’ve received a lot of questions on “How to Cut Mosaic Tile”. It is easy to cut mosaic tiles when you are using the correct tools and applying the correct technique. In this article I am going to show you the basics for cutting tile like a professional. We will look at cutting a basic straight line then how to tackle a “U” shaped cut.
Tools of the Trade
There are many different tools on the market that will help cut mosaic tile. The tools that you need will vary based on the cut. Using the proper tool for the job will give you the best results with least frustration.
Remember, safety first, be sure to wear protective safety glasses before starting.
Wet Saw
The wet saw is very handy at making straight cuts in stone mosaic. Most come with a miter gauge to allow cutting tile at different angles. This is a valuable tool to have when installing new floors. You should be able to rent them at your local tool rental store.
Tile Nippers
Tile nippers look like pliers with a larger, flatter, sharper nose. They are great for chipping off small portions of tile. You can use these for irregular shapes, like around plumping pipes.
The Rotozip is like a miniature router. The manufacturers of the Rotozip have a mosaic tile cutting blade; it works well for cutting irregular shapes.
Now that you have general understanding of some of the tools available lets look at how to perform some of the cuts.
The straight cut is very easy. First mark the mosaic tile with a pencil or grease pen to indicate where the tile needs to be cut. Next turn on the wet saw and slowly feed the tile, be careful and do not place your hands near the blade.
The “U” shape cut happens a lot around plumbing pipes. There are many different ways to cut out this shape. You could use nippers and slowly cut away the area. The second method involves cutting the two parallel lines of the “U” with the wet saw, and then use nippers for the remaining curved part. The third way is to use the rotozip with the stone mosaic tile cutting bit. Just follow the line around while cutting. You will want to clamp down the tile when cutting with the rotozip. For smaller tile, try building a jig that will hold down the tile firmly while cutting.
Following all of the instructions, you may be always have a nice cutting for you tiles. Would like to learn more tiles informations, please feel free to link to get more.



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