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Not only are stone mosaic functional, easy to clean and durable, they’re also pretty. The skys the limit when it comes to the creative possibilities of stone mosaic tiles. They’re available in almost every color, pattern and design, from mellow beiges and grays to vibrant, bright-colored subway tiles and mosaics. There are loads of ways to make a statement in every room of your home or in outdoors areas with stone mosaic tiles. Here are a few.

1.Carpet your floor. No, not with carpet. With stone mosaic tiles. By strategically laying your stone mosaic tiles , you can create the impression of a cozy carpet or rug. Make a rectangular, circular, diamond-shaped or square border with your tiles and work your way inwards. Colorful mosaic tiles or metallic or geometric tiles make great tile carpets, and textured tiles work well as borders. A tile carpet is an asset to any room, at the entrance to your home, or in an open-plan building where you need to create rooms and barriers visually.

2.Make a memorable mural. A mural made out of stone mosaic tiles is sure fire way to make an artistic statement on the floor, wall, countertop or outdoor area of your home.Stone mosaic murals are great for themed kitchens and bathrooms; if your kitchen has a country feel, why not have a wall mural featuring a big red barn or a hen? Or what about an aquatic-themed bathroom featuring a starfish or seahorse mural? Many tile manufacturers can make a tile flooring mural using an image of your favorite artwork and then reassemble and install the work into your home. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have an artist friend, get them to design and paint the mural, and you can add the tiles.

3.Backsplashand don’t hold back. Ditch your plain white or beige kitchen tiles and creative and assemble tiles of assorted colors, shapes, sizes and materials to create backsplash at the back of the kitchen sink, counter or stove. For a classic backsplash, insert tiles featuring fruits, flower bouquets or leaves after every couple of plain tiles. For a farm-themed backsplash, alternate red and white stone mosaic tiles and add a tile featuring a rooster, cow, barn or tractor after every couple of solid-colored tiles. If moderns your thing, use stone mosaic tiles of different shapes and sizes: think deep jade-colored stone mosaic tiles , iridescent or frosted glass tiles, and stone mosaic tiles in different shades of a single color.

4.Refresh your shower wall. It’s easy to give your bathroom walls a refreshing new look. For a soothing feel, choose pale-colored blue, green or yellow stone mosaic tiles , or for a rustic desert look, choose rough, earth-colored stone mosaic tiles that evoke the heat of the mid-west. Or, to give a white-tiled shower a cheap and stunning makeover, take out white tiles here and there, in no particular order, and replace them with bright, solid-colored glazed stone mosaic tiles-stone mosaic in colors like pink, green, white and honey.



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