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  • What is marble tile?

    What is marble tile?

    Marble is one kind of natural stone, it is generated by billions of years’ geology movement. It has its own special colors and grains, therefore, it is unique and non-renewable. On the earth, there are many original countries of marble, in Asia, Europe, African, Oceania, North American and South Ame ...

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  • Marble Mosaic Tiles For Bathroom Use

    Marble Mosaic Tiles For Bathroom Use

    We know the natural marble mosaic tile with widely application,it is not just used for kitchen, bathroom, that also can be used for lobby and other project too. What is feature of marble mosaic tile for use bathroom ? If we want to use marble mosaic tiles to use for bathroom, we have to do all strip ...

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  • Marble Mosaic Backsplash Application

    Marble Mosaic Backsplash Application

    The natural marble mosaic always with widely use for long time. The marble mosaic backsplash product also with rich colors and widely applications too. We can often see it at the kitchen counter tops back, and also can saw it at the bathroom border tiles decoration too. Our company always can produc ...

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  • About Carrara Marble Mosaic Maintenance

    About Carrara Marble Mosaic Maintenance

    When we use a popular natural marble mosaic for decoration, there always should be confirm product material, style, size, and surface treatment method,etc. As a very important mosaic product, the Carrara White Marble play a important role too, we are always like to use this material to produce many ...

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  • Creative Stone Mosaic

    Creative Stone Mosaic

    Not only are stone mosaic functional, easy to clean and durable, they’re also pretty. The skys the limit when it comes to the creative possibilities of stone mosaic tiles. They’re available in almost every color, pattern and design, from mellow beiges and grays to vibrant, bright-colored ...

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  • Informations Of How To Cut Stone Mosaic Tiles

    Informations Of How To Cut Stone Mosaic Tiles

    I’ve received a lot of questions on “How to Cut Mosaic Tile”. It is easy to cut mosaic tiles when you are using the correct tools and applying the correct technique. In this article I am going to show you the basics for cutting tile like a professional. We will look at cutting a ba ...

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  • Stone Mosaic For Aristocratic Ambience

    Stone Mosaic For Aristocratic Ambience

    There are tons of things to be decorated with, but buying such things is not sufficient if you do not know the way of using them. Decorative accessories become waste if not used properly. The same is applicable with tiles which put a great impact on the look of home interior. Using tiles with proper ...

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  • Bathroom Shower Spas using stone mosaic

    Bathroom Shower Spas using stone mosaic

    Today bathroom shower spas are becoming increasingly popular. Space, materials, cost, color, safety, and luxury options are just a few of the things that need to be considered before you buy. Does your bathroom have room for a separate shower and a tub? Standalone units are good choice when space is ...

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